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Dot. Line. Shape. Value. Color. Texture. These elements, when combined with the principles of design, begin to communicate in powerful ways. Our students begin to learn this in their first semester.


There are many tools that a design student must have in their toolbox. Software is just one of them. We incorporate learning software into each of our courses.


Our curriculum extends beyond the classroom. We encourage students to explore their design community through volunteering, gaining internships, attending conferences, and entering competitions.

We teach graphic design.

The School of Media and Design’s (SMD) Graphic Design program at UIW provides students with the necessary design and technical training in preparation for a career in graphic design, interactive design, or various fields related to design and visual communication.

The program, offering a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Graphic Design, uses state-of-the-art equipment to ensure students receive the appropriate hardware and software training. Overall, the primary focus is upon design and design principles - the skills that truly allow students to gain and keep employment as the industry continues to evolve and change.

UIW’s Graphic Design students continue to be recognized on the regional and national stage by the American Advertising Awards (Student ADDY Awards), the Dallas Society of Visual Communicators, Creative Summit, The Brass Ring Awards, AIGA Flux, AIGA Texas Show, Logo Lounge, and CMYK magazine.

Our student work speaks for itself.

Twyst Salon

Twyst Salon

There is No Excuse

There is No Excuse

Kajan Kuisine

Kajan Kuisine

His Dark Materials

His Dark Materials

Graze Magazine

Graze Magazine

Earn Your BFA in Graphic Design

For nearly 20 years, the Graphic Design program at the University of the Incarnate Word has helped shape the workforce of San Antonio and beyond.

Incoming Students

If you are looking for a full 4-year degree in Graphic Design, then you are in the right place. Our program offers you an immersive start in the first semester by taking design courses along with university core required courses. We promise that if you will work hard, have fun, and do great work, you will succeed. No portfolio is required to start with us. We'll help you with that!

Transfer Students

Would you like to continue your Graphic Design education with us? Whether you have taken only a few classes or completed an Associates degree at an area community college, we can evaluate your portfolio and transcript and see how you fit into our program. Transfer students bring a level of maturity and competition to our program. Let's see what you have to offer.

Our 4-Year Degree Plan

The aim of the Graphic Design program is to prepare students for a demanding and competitive profession.

First Year & Portfolio Review

New students are introduced to the world of graphic design through a series of foundation design, typography, and software courses that help them to navigate the elements and principles of design as well as hand and presentation skills in preparation for the portfolio review.

Second Year (Sophomore)

Once admitted to the major, second year students continue to build on the foundational skills from their first year by taking courses on visual language, advanced typography, interactive design, and editorial and layout. Art history courses help students see how graphic design evolved throughout the ages and how it applies today.

Third Year (Junior)

As students move into their third year, their focus shifts to applying what they learn towards projects for their portfolio. Corporate identity, information design, user interaction, and advanced web design courses coupled with courses in graphic design history and an introduction to the design industry, a students's sense of style begins to emerge.

Fourth Year (Senior)

Students continue to work hard to develop their portfolios and enter the workforce by taking courses that build on what they've learned and applying it to projects with a larger scope and grander systems. The year culminates in a senior show that is planned, designed, and executed to showcase their talents and abilities.

What Sets UIWGD Apart From The Rest?

That's easy... our faculty, our students, our graduates, and our impact on the local community.

Michael Clayton

Associate Professor & Program Coordinator
MFA, Graphic Design
Utah State University

Doris Palmeros

Assistant Professor
MFA, Graphic Design
Temple University, Tyler School of Art

Teresa Trevino

Associate Professor
MFA, Graphic Communication
University of Houston

What Have We Been Up To?

"Sleep is for the weak" has been a mantra that has floated around our halls for years.