At the end of your first year (or the Foundations Year), you will prepare your work and submit it to the faculty for review and acceptance into the Graphic Design major.


  1. Projects from First Year Graphic Design Courses
    • GDSN 1210 – Drawing for Designers
    • GDSN 1215 – Digital Imaging
    • GDSN 1301 – Graphic Design Software
    • GDSN 1380 – Foundations of Design
    • GDSN 1390 – Typography I
  2. A selection of 3-5 pieces from
    • ARTS 1301 – Drawing I
  3. A current (unofficial) transcript
  4. The Portfolio Review Application – 2016 form

The primary criteria used in making selections for admission into the graphic design program will be the work presented in the portfolio from GDSN 1210, 1215, 1301, 1380, & 1390.

You can download the current Portfolio Review Application – 2016 form here:

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  •  Understanding of Design and Aesthetics
    • visual organization, composition
    • understanding of color, value, and texture
    • attention to detail
  • Visual problem solving  
    • creativity, imaginative thinking
    • range and variety of ideas
    • development and improvement of concept
  • Skills
    • craft and hand skills
    • drawing, observation
    • technical skill with tools and materials
    • quality of execution, care for the appropriate presentation of your work
  • Work ethic / Participation / Behavior
    • consistent performance as reflected in class preparation
    • participation and interest in your own work and that of others
    • shows respect towards the instructor and other students
    • ability to stay on task and use class time wisely
  • Overall quality of visual presentation
  • Critical analysis and research skills 

Secondary criteria used in the selection process will be an assessment of work from ARTS 1301 and your overall success in other University courses.

There will be an evaluation sheet placed in each portfolio. This sheet will have a 0-4 “ranking” on each of the evaluation criteria and will inform you whether or not you have been admitted to the Graphic Design major and cleared to take program level courses. A letter of confirmation will follow.


All work must be submitted in portfolio case with your name on the outside of the portfolio.

Portfolios should be turned in to the office of the Program Coordinator for Graphic Design (AD 409) between the hours of 9 AM—4 PM, Monday, May 2nd through Thursday, May 5th.

All portfolios must be complete and turned in by 4 PM, Thursday, May 5th in to be considered for review this year.

You may pick up your portfolio the following Monday, May 9th, in the same location.