The aim of the Graphic Design program is to prepare students for a demanding and competitive profession. Dedication to this goal means that the program must be selective in quantity in order to offer the best quality opportunity that we can.

Because the program requires a specific set of skills, all students planning on entering must submit a portfolio for review in order to be admitted to the Graphic Design major.

Portfolios will be reviewed at the end of the academic year (Spring semester).

Transfer students who wish to start in the major classes must submit a portfolio at the scheduled portfolio review time the SPRING semester before they plan to attend.

Each year, a limited number of students will be admitted. Only those passing the review will be allowed to register for advanced courses.

Since the number of applicants and their desired major will vary each year, passing grades in Foundations year classes will not guarantee admission to the major. 

Students who do not pass the portfolio review may resubmit a portfolio the following year. It is strongly recommended that you retake some or all of your foundations classes to enhance your skills before resubmitting your portfolio.

The Portfolio Review for First Year Students

The Portfolio Review for Transfer Students