In the Summer of 2012, the faculty within the Graphic Design emphasis of the (former) Computer Graphic Arts Program met to draft new program outcomes on which to base the curriculum for the new Graphic Design Program. Using AIGA‘s Designer of 2015 Competencies as a launching point, the faculty ratified the following Program Outcomes:

Creativity / Process / Conceptual

Graphic Design students will be able to apply creative/conceptual processes to communication problems: researching, analysis, solution generating, roughs, comps, and final product.


Graphic Design students will be able to develop and fulfill specific visual communications objectives and demonstrate an understanding of how design and aesthetic choices impact communication.

Technical / Software / Hand Skills

Graphic Design students will demonstrate appropriate craft and hand skills and be able to execute creative work using industry standard software and tools.

Industry / Business Tools / Job Ready

Graphic Design students will have the knowledge of the industry, skills, and tools to perform competitively in the visual communications field.

Principles / Elements / Gestalt / Aesthetics

Graphic Design students will demonstrate the ability to create and develop appropriate and original visual responses to communication problems, including an understanding of hierarchy, aesthetics, composition, typography, and construction of meaningful images.

As written by

  • Michael Clayton, MFA – ¬†Associate Professor & Program Coordinator
  • Denny Fagan, MFA – ¬†Instructor
  • Robert Johnson – Instructor